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The journey began when Meriah & Michael, a local husband/wife photography team, came to me regarding the photography of their baby’s birth. I have known them thru our friendship as professionals at StudioWed Asheville. Since documentary and lifestyle photography is my passion, I welcomed the opportunity to experience this awesome event with them. There were many ‘unknowns’ as week 40 came and went. When would he/she make their arrival? Was the baby a boy or girl? What would he/she look like? and my personal favorite, Would I be able to deliver the images that they really wanted?

It took me back to the time of our first born. Same questions, different time. I knew from my own experience with childbirth, the event would create a connection between us that would never be broken. Sharing such an intimate part of my friend’s lives had an impact that hit me hard.
I received Meriah’s text at 1:00 a.m. saying that ‘Baby Mo’ was on his way and that they were headed to the hospital. I quickly jumped from the bed and felt the rush of adrenaline throughout my body. I showered and dressed in the most comfortable clothing I owned. (Yoga related) I arrived at the hospital about 1:45 a.m. They were already admitted into the labor and delivery room. Meriah was having contractions every 2-3 minutes, and they were HARD.

I cannot put into words what it was like as the hours past that night. I read the concern on her face when the Dr. came to give her the epidural. Holding her hand, I uttered a prayer for no complications. It was surreal, but the entire night, I felt as though there was a blanket of protection on them. We talked for hours about our mutual love, photography. The latest about Canon Vs. Nikon, what we wear to shoots, what we carry our gear in. I tried to do anything to distract her from contractions.
After the epidural set in, things were easier and Michael and Meriah were able to rest. They laid together, holding hands most of the time. As the sun came up, I looked at the gorgeous mountain view and took it all in. From this tiny room, a life would soon be born into this larger than life world. I have done many hospital visits for photography, but this one was different.

Eventually, the pushing began. I didn’t use flash throughout the entire birth process, because of the obvious reasons. (and the fact that I didn’t want to blind the little guy) Finally, the last push and the words, “and you have a……” came from the Doctor’s mouth.
The only thing I could see was the two nurses standing right in front of me as I focussed to ‘get a shot’ of Meriah and Michael’s reaction in this very moment. The realization of their first born, A SON!

I don’t pretend to know a lot about things in this world. Life keeps changing and new stages interrupt what I know as ‘my real life.’ All I really know is that this baby, Baby Ezra, has so much love surrounding him, that his life is sure to be something really special. I’m beyond honored to travel this journey with the Mozingo Family.

All images and video copyright Jill Schwarzkopf | Realities Photography | Montage design by Ian Riley | Asheville Birth Story |

This was my view when I walked into the hospital room around 1:30 a.m. One of the most difficult things I’ve shot. It was so hard to see her in pain.

The details of a long night with a very happy ending.

Michael was so ‘present’ for Meriah. He would rub her head and offer a constant comfort. Love the beauty seen here with Meriah surrendering to the moment.

When the baby made his arrival, it was emotional, to say the least.

All images and video copyright Jill Schwarzkopf | Realities Photography | Montage design by Ian Riley | Asheville Birth Story | Asheville Birth Photographer | Birth Photography in Asheville |

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  1. Amy Burris says:

    Jill, once again you amaze me..You have captured the most precious gift God in Heaven can bless a family with! A GIFT has been gIven to Meriah and Michael, a memory that was shared in such a way that truly revealed the heart of the matter. A beautiful, respectful montage of a precious family being born. Jill, you have found another important gift you have to share!… Congratulations to the Mozingo family, God has truly blessed your family!!

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