Lisa & Neil, Wedding at The Ridge, Part One

The Ridge in Marshall, NC had the perfect breath-taking views for Lisa and Neil’s gorgeous wedding.
Things I know I’ll never forget…

1. They asked for NO FORMAL photos. That’s right, no posed portraits. Instead, I captured moments as they happened organically throughout their day. I will never forget the freedom this allowed for my creativity. Thank you Lisa and Neil.
2. They had special toasts with their immediate family before their guests arrived. Everyone was able to connect and relax before the busyness of the day really started.
3. There was lavender everywhere. Since I’m a huge fan of lavender & essential oils, I felt right at home.
4. This wedding was all about bonds.  Their friendships were so evident and authentic. They had no wedding party because their entire guest list would have been considered.
5. Instead of family photos, they opted to hang with their family and friends at the cocktail hour. The hugs from this time frame may have been my favorite part of the day.


Professional Vendors~
Ceremony Venue: The Ridge
Planner: Wedding Connections
Dress: Vera Wang
Make up: Amanda Anderson
Officiant: Karen Sumberg
Ceremony Music: Steel Toe Stiletto
Florist: Flora
Hair: Zhenya Lazarchuk

It’s that moment that you’re ‘revealed’ to your friends who have waited patiently to see you as a bride.

First sight BLISS. The suspense was awesome.

I look forward to sharing their stunning reception images from The Venue soon. Stay tuned.

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  1. Lisa Podell says:

    What an amazing gift! Your “Things I will Never Forget” section had me immediately in joyful tears. You completely understood us, what mattered to us and my heart is bursting from the extent that you cherished and noticed all of our choices. And the pictures, I couldn’t have dreamed up better photos and capturing of moments if I tried. What magic you create. A Technical and artistic wizard you are! We are beyond grateful and can’t wait for part 2!!! With endless gratitude, Lisa & Neil

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